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    We're on a mission to connect your VISION with our creations.

    All our pieces are created with ethically mined stones and may contain some magic.

    If you can dream it, we can make it.

    Mission: Produce fine jewellery.

    London, UK


    From the initial design to the final masterpiece, Emily H London works closely with their clients to create the ultimate bespoke piece of fine jewellery.


    We enjoy exclusive access to the world’s finest rare gems resulting in personalised items of unparalleled quality in terms of stone calibre and design attributes. More importantly, each stone is responsibly sourced and ethically produced.

    Originally a commission-based design service, Emily H London has grown into a fine jewellery house.


    Iconic Emilia Ring


    This ring has 18 ct yellow gold. The centrepiece is a rich purple Amethyst held in place on both sides with 4 yellow gold leaves. The leaves are set with beautiful pave Tsavorites and accented with 5 small cabochon Amethysts. 70 ct Amethyst Yellow Gold (18 kt)- 15.60 grams of pure gold Cabochon Amethyst 5 stones Tsavorites 1.62ct 0.2 ct Yellow Diamonds. Limited Edition



    Yana Zaikin

    Founder and Artistic Director


    Yana is the creator of Emily H London / Enviro concious / Advocate of Women's Leadership / Founder of 8 C Foundation.


    Yana  was born in St Petersburg, Russia, where she completed her degree in Fine Art from the University of St Petersburg. It was her decision to design a ring for herself, set with tourmalines and emeralds, and much-admired by her family and friends, that propelled Yana into her creative adventures as a fine jewellery designer. Her passion for design, her acute and unconventional sense of beauty, and her instinctive understanding of the meaning and roles of jewellery have led her to create some truly inspiring pieces for an international clientele of jewellery connoisseurs. The capsule launch collections are the culmination of Yana’s lifelong obsession with the timeless romance and spiritual magic of gems, brought together in designs, which exude an ethereal beauty and uniqueness. 


    Emily H is passionate in their mission for ethically sourced stones. To support this passion our designer Yana Zaikin founded the 8C Foundation which she chairs. The concept she has developed is simple, deep and brave.


    The 8C Foundation incorporates not only the industry recognised 4 C’s (Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour) but also; ‘Comprehension’, we need to understand where the gems are mined, ‘Cooperation’; we can’t demonize African diamonds and must co-operate with small artisans who can’t afford more modern methods of mining, ‘Compassion’; we must only purchase reasonably sourced gems and involve small miners in the education process to establish cutting schools in Africa and finally ‘Coordination’; as an industry we must all embrace these principles in order to raise the quality of life of people involved in the mining and trade process.


    Rare diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and Blue Sapphires have always been a passion of Emily H London. Our line of stones is dedicated to the “Big Three” coloured gems which are produced in mines that are ethical, paying top industry salary and opposing child labour. Indeed, there is no premium for rare ethically mined stones, compared to the same stones produced in questionable labour and untraceable mining environment.


    All the diamonds are certified as conflict-free, moreover we fully adhere to the Kimberley Process, the international certification process that guarantees diamonds have not been used to fund armed conflict. Unfortunately the Kimberley Process doesn’t certify environmental and social standards so we have created The 8C Foundation, the aim of which is to have a truly pure diamond/stone, certified Fairtrade from artisanal sources that will deliver real economic justice to all those involved in its production. 


    Emily H London aims to ensure the most exceptional quality in terms of the cut, carat, clarity and colour of our stones. Beyond that we guarantee that each precious stone is ethically sourced, responsibly mined and delivers economic justice to all those involved in its extraction and production.


    we are re-establishing value proposition . 

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     Would you pay $30,000.00 to undergo a stressful experience and end-up with an average-quality item and a sense of being ripped-off, or would you rather pay $10,000 for a shopping experience from the comfort of your own house and purchase a highs-quality ring with a bespoke design.

    No brainer?

    Then welcome to the world of Shy Diamond – an online and mobile platform helping to navigate the world of diamonds.

    We are about to disrupt the $200bn industry built on inflated prices at the expense of the consumer with 4-8 middleman involved in a process before consumer buys a diamond or a ring

    Shy Diamond gives you an option to pick the diamond at its wholesale price directly from the mine, and get a piece of jewelry produced at a top quality European boutique producer. We put the customer firmly in control and guarantee a stress-free shopping experience and fantastic results.

    It doesn’t get much better than that. How is that possible?

    The world of diamonds has always been surrounded by an aura of exclusivity, desirability, and opulence. The cosmopolitan elite and wealthy businessmen picking up the luxury brands were setting the pace resulting in inflated retail prices of the average quality stones. A young man looking to propose is facing a harsh reality of paying a mind-blowing premium for an average quality ring with a boring design.

    At the moment, a diamond might go from a mine in Africa to storage and sorting facility. In the process, everybody grabs a slice of the action – the transportation company, the insurance company, the security firm, and the various middlemen.

    From storage, the diamond continues its journey to London or New York through Antwerp, Tel Aviv or Mumbai, Again, everybody takes their cut – transportation, insurance, security and more.

    Do you see a pattern yet? The diamond in your engagement ring or necklace gains a premium every time it changes hands.

    People buy diamonds to celebrate the most important moments in their lives, so they shouldn’t have to worry about poor quality, dubious origins, and a string of middlemen each taking a slice of the action.

    Once the lavish indulgence of a numbered few is finally turning into an affordable and stress-free purchase for many. Diamonds are meant to be forever and bring joy and sense of fulfillment




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